It's a match made.
Cheers to making sure you and your group leave smiling and satisfied.

If you take Puccini & Pinetti's celebrated food, ideal location, notable spirits and you and your favorite people - then you're left with a pretty impressive party. This is where both your wallet and smile are stretched.

If you're searching for the perfect place, you know, the kind that you can always depend on, is genuine, doesn't cost you too much, is desirable - in a classic way - but has some unique qualities, is warm and inviting, and laughs with you, not at you…then search no more. Puccini & Pinetti parties will make sure you're always at ease, smiling and satisfied. Match made.

Business or pleasure?

Puccini & Pinetti is perfectly suited for an exceptional San Francisco wedding experience having the best food, drinks and lively atmosphere in San Francisco - all for the best prices.

This is where Puccini & Pinetti's Italian really comes out. Let's celebrate:

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